Under the Klieg Lights

Today was a very special day for me and my crew back at the Bait and Tackle shop where I work. The local TV station did a piece about the store in line with their ongoing promotion of local shops in our city. It was a little bit tedious and uncomfortable but I guess we’re local celebrities now.

Although they sent out word to us of their coming two weeks ago, nothing prepared us to what we had experienced. We thought that it would be just a simple thing with a cameraman holding a shoulder mounted piece and a reporter who do all the talking and interviewing, maybe a sound man holding that mike on a long stick, but never on the scale that we saw today.

You would have sworn that they were shooting a movie when you happen to see what was going on in the shop today. Lots of production people skittering this way and that, people who do make-up, hair stylists, PA’s, etc. Maybe there were about close to twenty people involved in the shoot and that’s not counting the drivers who stayed in their truck fiddling with their phones.

What happened to the old reporter and camera man on a van pairing they used to do back then? Now I think they can’t do anything without two tons of equipment in tow. I thought that technology made it possible to scale things down and not bring it to a much larger scale?

They have the shiny best travel tripod to mount their cameras on, I think it’s made of graphite or something and it sure looked special. Brand new chairs and tables, camera equipment that I think is capable of doing a full length film if they wanted to, the best lightweight luggage to pack things on and many other cool things. No expense was spared and everything was top of the line.

The whole thing did look a little bit intimidating to say the least but you know us, we’re never rattled by anything. Not unless you put make-up and lipstick on us, which apparently was standard operating procedure when facing a TV camera.

Everyone had their turn on the interview chair and everyone had to put make-up on, no exemptions. Even our boss who insisted mightily that he would be just fine without any make-up on had to have one. We laughed ourselves silly just by looking at each other.

I don’t know if it was the camera lights or something else that had us sweating heaps throughout the whole thing, most probably it was fear that induced it. I for one do not like being filmed but you got to do what you got to do, it’s really hard being an actor some day’s ha-ha.

Well we did live through it and we managed to finish everything we were supposed to do. It was for the greater good of everyone involved anyways so that’s that. We closed shop earlier than usual and it’s off to the nearest pub we went to celebrate our being movie stars.

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