Tired, and Loving It

It’s always been on the back of my mind and I’ve been telling myself that there will be problems during my wife’s pregnancy. Maybe that’s why I am always vigilant about her condition all the time and worry about whatever it is that might harm her, or how probably are we going to face it amongst other things.

I’ve got a lot of things I worry about, and this being our first child, after so many years of waiting, doesn’t help. Sometimes I think it’s better if I was the one who’s pregnant and stuff, then I won’t have to worry too much. But I know all of this will be worth it, I’ll just have to hang in there a bit.

One such problem that comes the same time as summer does is my wife’s seeming predisposition with allergies. She sometimes breaks into hives and scratch all over with nary a cause behind it. Sometimes she gets watery red eyes and the sniffles after long periods outdoors, especially during spring when all sorts of flying pollen things abound. Sometimes she complains about the feeling of fluid in lungs and how hard it is to breathe. She said it’s like there’s strings of sticky liquid clinging to her throat every time she inhales deeply and no matter how hard she tries to cough it out, it somehow remains there.

But her allergies have decreased its occurrence these past two years when she began subscribing to the natural ways of fighting her asthma. Gone are the days when she is totally incapacitated for days at a time because of it. If and when she does have allergies now, it is less potent as it was back then when she could hardly talk or breathe. Now she is down for only a short time and she is none the worst for it.

It was suggested to her by a friend who also has asthma and we were pleasantly surprised that these home remedies for asthma really work, more about that can be found at www.commonbreathingproblems.com. It doesn’t need any mumbo jumbo routine or the consumption of unworldly concoctions for it to work as it only involved common household items you might generally use every day, as well as some basic things to do that may fall in the category of common sense.

Example food items that works well with asthma are ginger, mustard, figs, garlic, honey, onions, lemon and also coffee. So if you consume any of those regularly, chances are you are doing something good for yourself with regards to fighting asthma. You just have to mindedly eat more of the said items to increase your resistance to the sickness. Other things you might want to do to ward of asthma is to stop smoking if you are a smoker, stay clear of chemicals particularly the household cleaning ones, minimize occurrence of molds in the household, don’t overly fuss with your pet, cleaning the house regularly to protect against dust and mites, and last but not the least, do exercise often to harden your lungs and immune system.

But still I’m wary about asthma striking suddenly in such an inopportune time as this. I must continue to be always vigilant of it and other things that may happen as I’m charged with protecting the two lives that I dearly love most. Rest will come later.

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