The Cutest Dog

I could have sworn I saw a little dog here somewhere, I told my wife after I went to the kitchen to get some beer. I just got home from work and I’m all tired and stuff but I think I really did see something and I’m not imagining things. I was walking to the kitchen then out of the corner of my eye I saw what looked like a white fluffy pillow scurrying around the back of the sofa. I hurriedly went after it, but when I got to where it was supposed to be, it was gone.

I got goose bumps from that episode as I am not particularly excited seeing things disappear from my sight that sudden. I was waiting for an answer from my wife, assurance actually that there was no ghostly stuff happening or anything else supernatural, but what I got was only a sly grin, the kind of grin a child makes when he has done something silly. I should’ve known.

It did finally decide to come out, but this time from the kitchen where I was a moment ago. Apparently he was not hiding, instead was at my back following me all the time, just like what characters from a cartoon would do. I was just about to go ballistic with it but the dog kind of curled up on my feet and began to sleep. My heart melted.

It was actually the cutest puppy I ever managed to lay my eyes on and I wouldn’t do anything to wake it up. I removed my feet from my boots gently as the dog was resting on them, maybe he liked the smell of leather or something. I then went over to the sofa where my wife was, quietly sliding along the carpet making sure not to make any noise, and just smiled at her.

I knew you would love him, she said, and I began to ask everything about the dog like a child waking up on Christmas morning. Okay I was very excited about it, no use denying it. It doesn’t really matter if I am a hulk of a man as I do also have a sensitive side, and this dog kind of stirred it up a lot.

My wife said it was a Husky Pomeranian mix breed, aka Pomsky, and it was given to her by a neighbor who came by the house earlier. It was a small dog no much bigger than both my boots and has a very furry coat that is both white and gray in color. It has a somewhat squared little head with well-defined muzzle and its ears pointed up like a Doberman’s. The dog’s tail was curled upward then inward and has the cutest and fluffiest feet in the dog kingdom.

It looked very much like a little wolf that stopped growing up and my wife said that I could name it whatever I wanted. I almost forgot about the beer that was in my hand the whole time and it was like that the rest of the night. My wife just laughed at me but it was just fine.

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