Power Napping at the Clinic

I had been sleeping at the doctor’s office this afternoon as it was a pretty silent and cool place to be in. With particularly no one else around to have a conversation with and my wife is in the doctor’s office getting checked up, I busied myself reading a magazine that was available on the coffee table in the waiting room. And after swiftly finishing with the magazine, probably because it was a fashion magazine and a particularly woman’s magazine at that, something colorful caught my eye.

It was several sheets of coloring pages that were stapled to each other, forming a sort of coloring book, which was probably left by some child that also had been there at the clinic. It’s a gynecologic clinic so chances are high that the child was with someone else, probably his mother or some relative, and was not the one who is being treated. Or maybe it was a mother who was actually coloring these things, probably as a form of stress reliever, which I thought was not really that far-fetched as I myself grew interested in them.

My Little Pony coloring pages, Skylanders coloring pages, Winnie the Pooh coloring pages and other equally cute character pages neatly stacked and stapled together. Some of them beautifully colored and some of them still empty, with nary a touch of hue found in them. I was thinking that if I could only get my hands on some crayons at that particular moment, then I would gladly finish them all.

I remember back when I was young and my mother would buy me several coloring books and also some crayons to keep me busy, especially during the summertime when there was really nothing particular to do. Ipads, computers, gadgets and gizmos were not a thing then as it is now, and we were contented with the simple things in life, heck I even played with dirt when I was young, and I got the worms to prove it.

Seeing the coloring pages made my mind wander off a bit. I was thinking of the place where the ponies live, how very colorful that place would seem to be. I thought of what color the sky and the rivers would be in that particular wonderland and if the ponies could really fly there. I imagine Winnie the Pooh visiting the ponies and having a great time, sliding through the rainbow and swimming in chocolate streams. That, unfortunately, was also the time I fell asleep.

Next thing I know, my wife was gently nudging me and telling me it was time to go. I was really embarrassed seeing my wife and the nurse, who was seeing her out, both had smiles on their faces. I only hoped I was not snoring the whole time as I am always wont to do. I grabbed my hanky and gently wiped across my face just to be sure nothing dripped or is amiss. It was a nice nap that I had and would not mind doing it again. But next time I’m bringing crayons just in case. Just kidding.

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