My Very Own Bichon Poodle

Let me tell you a little secret, but you’ll have to promise me never to tell anyone about it okay. Nah I’m just kidding, this is still a blog the last time I looked, and telling secrets here really is an example of a very counter-productive thing, if there ever really was one. I guess I’ll just have to let you in on one of my guilty pleasures. I love little dogs and I am currently in the process of planning to buy one of my own.

The one I’ve got my eyes on is one of the various breeds of poodle mixes that are such a joy to look at. I’m talking about the Bichon Frise, also know as the Bichon Poodle. These are dogs that are about the size of a big house cat, typically around one to one and a half feet tall when fully grown. It weighs in at around six to fifteen pounds depending on which diet they are on and they look particularly cute, especially when they are sleeping.

Although a particularly small kind of dog, they live to almost fifteen years, a sentiment to how really hardy they are as a breed. They are very intelligent and are very at ease in a family setting, they also are very witty and are easily trainable. In fact the breed is a regular staple on dog shows and competitions all over the country, oftentimes winning in the cording and showmanship categories. They are best around children, not that we have any yet, but still a very good dog to have around the house.

I do not really know why I am attracted to dogs, little ones in particular. Maybe I’m just lonely and stuff, with only my wife and me living in a very large house. Sometimes it does get gloomy, especially during winter when it’s always snowing outside and you’re virtually trapped inside the house. Or maybe it’s just my way of showing my longing for a child of our own, and getting a dog might somehow ease it. Yes it maybe is that.

We have been trying very hard to have a baby for quite some time now. We have done almost everything you can think of but it seems it’s not yet time for us to have a little angel we could call our own. I have been checked medically, as well as my wife, and we are both fine in the baby making department, but still, miracles somehow always evade our grasps.

Anyways, I’m starting to drift off again sorry, back to the topic at hand. Yep, it’s going to be really soon that I will get my hands on my very own pooch. I’ve already made its cot and bought his bowl. I never really made him a doghouse as I figured that he will be staying inside with us in the house, as no dog of mine will ever get to sleep outside where he will be at the mercy of the elements, mind you. The name would probably come later when I get to see him sometime this week, which also reminds me to call the local pet dealer that I have contacted about the dog. See ya.

Wonderfully Unexpected News

Am I dreaming or what? I found myself in a sort of a daze this afternoon, from the news I got from my ever dearest wife. It seems that she has been keeping secrets from me and had not told me everything that has been happening to her of late. What eventually made her speak up to me a while ago is anyone’s guess, maybe she can’t really tell it to anybody for fear of being branded as too eager or something, or maybe she too is shocked and can’t really find the correct words to use in this kind of a situation, but boy was I glad to hear what she has to say.

She told me something while I was raking the yard of the leaves that had piled up from two weeks of neglect, and at first I did not hear what she was saying and she had to repeat it to me, but this time much more closer as she walked purposely towards me. She said that it has already been two months since she had her last period and was at a loss for what that eventually meant.

I never really took notice of her monthly period ever since, probably because it’s kind of a woman thing and I’ve got too much on my mind already to keep track of everything, much less periods. But I kind of remember that she had not suffered her usual dysmenorrhea that she is wont to have every month during her period. She had not been particularly grumpy, or mad at everything I did, or readily saw through my shenanigans the way she does, when she had her monthly period. Maybe she really did miss it totally the past two months.

I never did answer her question that time as I was shocked at what I heard. The word “baby” just kept running through my mind and it was all I can think of really. Somehow I managed to smile at her and give her a tight hug, and that was all I remember of that particular moment. Next thing I knew we were in front of the computer surfing the net of possible clues regarding the signs of implantation as we were really both newbies in that particular field.

We saw of a woman’s breast enlargement and tenderness, missing a period, cramping, mood swings, food cravings, and generalized fatigue as possible signs of a woman being pregnant. My wife told me that she indeed experienced a couple of them but is not really sure if she really was pregnant or something. We also saw some kind of implantation calculator, like the one found at, wherein one just had to enter several pieces of information like when was the last period, how long it was and also the date of last ovulation among other things, and then the date of possible conception as well as the exact time of implantation would be revealed, but I thought it was too early for that as we really don’t know for sure if she was really on the way.

I just told her we will go out first thing tomorrow and buy ourselves several PT kits just to make sure. I just hope that this is the one that we had been waiting for so long. My mind is really spinning from the events that happened this day. I probably won’t sleep tonight and just wait for tomorrow to come, and by then we will be sure.