Old School Toothache Cure

I saw this whole pack of blue rubber bands at the shop while I was cleaning up the counter this afternoon. I think it was from the last customers, a father and his son that bought several fishing rods, which they said they were bringing with them on their camping trip. They seem pretty much hurried, like they were already late for something, so they may have forgotten all about it.

I tried to run after them but they were gone when I stepped out of the shop. Too bad as it really looked pretty much important judging from the expensive looking packaging it had. I just placed it in the cabinet as maybe they’ll come back for it later and continued on with my cleaning.

I think they were some kind of spacers for braces as I saw the kid had them on his teeth when he smiled. They are too little to be common rubber bands and too fat to be a gasket or something, so I assumed they were specialized kinds of things which eventually made them important and stuff.

Back in my days braces were not a thing yet and when you got crooked teeth, you lived with it. You toil through all the teasing from other kids as well as the physical inconvenience of having them, but it sort of gives you character. I should know as I do have the most crooked teeth in our family.

Yep, I do get teased a lot when I was a kid. I got called a lot of names but I managed to live through them as they are just words, I keep telling myself. Besides, the teasing go on only for a while as they eventually got tired of doing it, you wouldn’t tease a guy all year and the year after that do you? Certainly they got tired of it and all the bullies and I became the closest of friends.

I also remember the things we did whenever our tooth hurts and even if they look gross or something, they did work. We put lots of things in there just to get some tooth pain relief. Things like crushed garlic, cloves, salt, vanilla, and even perfume got good usage from us. The last one I particularly like as it is very effective on me and even puts me to sleep some of the time.

Today with all the innovations on everything, getting bracers really got easier and much cheaper. In fact today, one usually expects to get braces at one point in their lives, even if they don’t really need it, probably because of the push of mainstream media of being all perfect and stuff. It’s kind of hard for someone like me who is used to the simple things.

Anyways, if it works for the people of today, then who am I to judge them, heck I might even try some of them sometime. But if I ever get a toothache in the future and all else fails, there is always the trusty perfume to save the day.

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