Now Where Did That Come From?

I got quite the surprise this afternoon when I got home from work and it was a little bit disconcerting to say the least. It was a particularly tiring day at work as we did a general cleaning of sorts at the shop, so we decided amongst ourselves to turn in much earlier than usual for some much needed rest. I got home as fast as I could with the idea of getting into a nice warm bath with a cold one in hand, probably sleep a little in it too, but I never did manage to get to that unfortunately.

I was removing my overalls when I saw a blue and black patch on the middle of my right leg that I promise I never did saw this morning. It was a little bit too large for my liking, probably about the size of my foot to approximate it and was deep violet or black of color in the middle, I can’t see clearly as the colors seem to blend into one another, and with a much lighter shade blue on its edges.

I stared at it long enough that the water from the tub kind of overflowed, which thankfully brought me back to my senses and proceed to do the things I was ought to be doing. I turned off the faucet first then sat myself on the bed, thinking of how probably did I get this thing or what caused it in the first place.

unexplained bruisingI never did get into a fight or something, or get myself beaten with a club, or a stick, or what have you, I just can’t seem to figure out this unexplained bruising on my leg and it’s beginning to scare me a little as I know of several diseases that have it as a symptom. Thoughts of diabetes, Grave’s disease and leukemia ran through my mind along with various illnesses that makes these little blood vessels go somewhat crazy.

I very much hope that this was caused only by some kind of vitamin deficiency or something more benign like overexertion and stuff as I’m too young to be experiencing the more exotic ones. So I just did what I knew would be the right thing to do in these kinds of situations, I panicked and went immediately to my wife for some much needed advice.

She was preparing dinner when I got to her and she too was surprised at seeing the discoloration on my leg. She then asked me from where did I get the thing but I told her I didn’t know either. She immediately got some ice from the ref, placed them in a plastic bag and told me to put it on the bruise.

After a while the color subsided a little with some pink beginning to show on some places. I still don’t know what really caused it and that’s what scares me the most. Maybe I’ll go get myself checked tomorrow just to be sure.

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