My Own Pregnancy Announcement Idea

I have read about pregnancy announcement ideas on the net and how fun and exciting it was to spring such surprises to friends and family alike. Imagine getting the surprise of your life upon knowing your child is having a baby of her own, or your long-time friend who seems to hate everything that has got to do with boys now is here announcing her pregnancy. You really are taken aback by the suddenness of the moment and truly surprised of the news.

The joy on the recipient’s faces usually is indescribable, especially to the parents of the ones who were experiencing their first pregnancies. I could only imagine the thoughts of the parents who remember them as their little girl of long ago, the one who seems to always cry a lot and go to them for everything, but now here she was, having a little one of her own. Maybe their pain of remembering such things add to the gravity of the moment and it is not only once that I saw tears flowing as they smile. It must’ve been truly memorable.

I wish we had done it too if not for my eagerness to tell the world that I was soon going to be a dad. My wife and I never really thought about it and were surprised about it too, never expecting that this was the time we finally have our own child. What I did when I knew it was true was I literally ran out of the house and tell everyone I saw about the good news. I called virtually all my friends and of course, all the family I could get my hands on. You could say almost everyone knew about it a couple of hours after I did, and if there was some way to announce it to the whole state, I probably would have done it too. That’s how happy I was back then. Pregnancy announcement never had a chance to develop because of me as I became my own pregnancy announcement.

Looking back, I probably would have done things a little bit differently. I would have liked to see the reactions we get when we tell them the happy news, particularly to my wife’s parents who were beginning to wonder if we are ever going to give them their first grandchild as my wife was their only child, talk about pressure.

I had a blast that day and it continued throughout that whole week. Heck, I even bought drinks to a bar full of strangers the time me and my friends went out. They told me I was speaking to almost every one I meet and telling them that I was going to be a dad. Everyone there congratulated me and it was also the first time that my friends had to carry me home.

I woke up the next day with terrible hiccups, the ones like the newborn hiccups toddlers experience when they had too much to eat or have swallowed too much air than their stomachs can handle. It was like that, probably worse, and it took an exhilarating bath of cold water to get rid of. Well, it was kind of worth it as it was the first time I get to celebrate like that. It was the sweetest thing.

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