Interesting Facts about Breastfeeding

Expect your period while breastfeeding to not start yet as the hormones that is responsible for the production of your breast milk also acts to inhibit the release of procreation hormones, which in turn are generally responsible for your menstrual cycle to appear every month. What? I kind of got lost starting on the word period on the first sentence. I just read the darn thing from an article on the internet with regards to pregnancy stuff and I think I might have overdone it a little.

I was really researching about the “before and during” parts of pregnancy but somehow I ended up with the “after” part. Reading articles on the internet could be an endless and very time consuming thing if you keep clicking on things closely related to the ones you were originally searching for, and I realized that the hard way. I have already spent a great amount of time searching about water retention on the legs of a pregnant woman, two hours to be exact, and this is where I eventually ended up in. It’s crazy.

Another item that also caught my attention was about the different kinds of foods to avoid while breastfeeding and sure enough, I clicked on it. It enumerated several food items that are generally not recommended to be consumed by a breastfeeding mother because of the harm that it may eventually bring to the baby. Common items such as caffeine, alcoholic beverages, garlic, peanuts, dairy, sea-foods and also some other particularly gassy and  were mentioned, as being able to hitch a ride in the breast milk and eventually cause undue harm to the still immature bodily defenses of the baby. And depending on the culprit, the baby’s typical reaction to these irritants could be either of the following things; fussiness, loss of sleep, allergies, rashes and hives, excessive crying, diaper rash, flatulence, abnormal weight gain, as well as sleepiness and even eczema in some cases.

I must confess that I never knew of these things until now, and it was both a good thing as well as a bad thing, in that I have learned a great deal about pregnancies in general during my search, but sadly no word yet about water retention, which, as I had told you earlier, was the reason I was surfing the internet in the first place. I must somehow get my priorities straight regarding the matter, and not get easily distracted by things as I am wont to do, because I really need to know what causes the thing.

So I best go back to searching now as my wife is going to wake up really soon. She has acquired the habit of sleeping and relieving herself quite frequently now, probably brought about by her being obviously pregnant and stuff, and I think her bathroom time is already due any minute now. She’ll probably ask me about the problem with her legs and about what did I found about it on the net, which I’m afraid, stands at zero at the moment. Then I’ll be in real trouble if I don’t tell her anything about it.

So, where was I?

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