Fishing Trip Cancelled Due to Bad Stomach

Me and my close buds were supposed to go on a fishing trip last weekend as it was generally our routine when all of us have free time from work. You might call it a tradition among us friends as it has been going on for about four years now and all it takes is a call from any one of us to get us all going, work or not. But apparently it was not to be last weekend as one of our gang had to beg off from our expedition at the last minute because of some problems at home which really needed his undivided and focused attention.

He said that his soon to be expecting wife had a mild case of loose bowels and really did not want to be left alone with just their four year old kid as companion, whose tummy was also acting up a bit because of toddler constipation, probably because of eating too much I suppose. He said that he really wanted to go and had been looking forward to our next trip, as the last time we got together he was kind of jinxed and got no fish at all for his efforts.

Diarrhea during pregnancy is no laughing matter really, as it is not only one life that is being affected by the illness, but in reality two. It is a very fragile stage for the baby that is still inside the mother’s womb as it has no way of really fending for itself, that whatever happens to the mother, will happen also to him with certainty. Diarrhea, although a very common disease, has very serious repercussions if it is not dealt with properly. Foremost of which is the ever present threat of dehydration, mainly because of the great amount of fluids that is lost when one is with diarrhea.

Classic signs of dehydration within a person suffering it include the feeling of light headedness, general fatigue, unquenchable thirst, nausea, splitting headaches, and also of infrequent urination, with the urine generally being dark in color because of the relatively low quantity of water in the person’s body. It is imperative to treat dehydration quickly, mainly by rehydrating in a timely matter or even the taking of rehydration salts and other drinks specifically formulated to combat dehydration, or else the body will start shutting itself down due to lack of water, which may also lead to a person being in a coma and may even lead to death in some cases.

So being the great friends that we really are, we decided to let him off the hook this time, but not without ribbing him a little about being a scaredy-cat and such, which was eventually responded to by the threat of getting us the next time we meet and then hanged up on us, with his wife calling for him audibly in the background. Gone fishing eventually became gone home, as all of us decided to head our own ways. See you next time buds.

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