Cleaning Up Shop

Today was repair and renovation day at the shop and we were all busy doing something. The shop is fairly old by industry standards and it needs very careful sprucing up every once and a while if only to pass local laws. Not that any customers are complaining or something, as the shop really feels homey and such, but we got to do something or it falls on top of our heads.

Just kidding, the shop is structurally sound, all of it. Heck you can ram a truck on the side of it and it will be none the worse for wear. Old buildings it seems are built more sturdily than the new ones these days. Kind of like the way how old cars are when compared to new ones. They don’t build things like they used to nowadays.

It was easy working all around the shop as we did have the best yoga DVD playing on a portable player in the background. It has that soothing quality about it which makes me focus on whatever it is that I’m doing and make me oblivious to the time. I have got to get my hands on one of those sometime soon.

The other reason that we are renovating the insides of the Bait & Tackle is because our boss plans to bring his little one to the shop more frequently. He says that he loves to have the kid with him always and also so that his wife can do other things during the day.

We got to make sure there is nothing with which the kid could hurt himself onto, remove all items where he can trip on, and basically make the whole shop “kid friendly”, if you know what I mean. We also have to find room to put the kid’s best pack n play enclosure somewhere where it will not be a bother to customers. Probably behind the counter because there is a large vacant space there, and also because his dad is always usually there tending the cash register.

The air conditioning system has to be upgraded and all the electrical outlets must be covered thoroughly, all choking hazards eliminated and we also have to buy the best reverse osmosis system that we can find as we were told that the child has a fragile stomach which goes bad easily.

Reverse osmosis system over any other kind of filtration system because it is the best when it comes to cleaning the water that goes out of the tap. Our boss have done his research on it and found out that it offers the most purifying power available among many other items of that type.

Heck we could even drink river water once it pass through the system according to him, that’s how powerful it was and we believed him. He’s got the knack of thoroughly researching things on the internet before subscribing to it and it has been put to the test many times before, all passed with flying colors.

Well we finally managed to clean up shop to make it more kid friendly. Me and the boys are happily expecting the kid to be with us soon as it is always nice having a kid around. Another day at the shop concluded, mission accomplished.

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