An Unfortunate Accident

Hip flexor pain is a kind of pain you don’t really know ever existed or cared about for that matter, that is, not until it is actually happening to you and you are feeling all its generally-no-moving-allowed glory. Yep, that’s me right there. I am under its spell right now and am taking the full brunt of my swash buckling ways. It’s kind of a long story mate, but if you’ll stick around for a while, maybe you’ll get some valuable lessons in here somewhere, Aar!

It happened during one of my voyages of days long gone, roughly translated, yesterday. I was kind of enjoying myself swimming on the lake with my wife and it was a beautiful day, typically cloudy but nonetheless a very bright day. A good day for swimming, if you don’t mind me saying, as there was really no overbearing sun with which to fry your skin with, and there were only eight of us on that picnic, me, my wife, and my sometimes dear friend, the six-pack.

Almost through with my cache of inebriating concoctions, I decided to do one jump on the ramp that would be my sort of tribute to all the fishes that unfortunately inhabit the lake. Taking several steps back from beyond the ramp to ensure maximum splash and travel distance was achieved, I readied myself for the jump.

I ran as fast as I could towards the end of the ramp, always keeping in mind the edge of it and the exact place I would do my jump on, and I did ran fast that moment according to my wife. But almost nearing the edge of the ramp, I somehow manage to slip on a wet spot, and with one of my feet up in the air, I hit the deck squarely on my right hip. My eventual momentum carried me forward and into the lake with nary a splash to be reckoned with, and my wife told me later that I looked as if I was kind of inserted into the lake in a funny manner. In fact she was still laughing when I did manage to stand up, much to my eternal embarrassment.

When we got out of the water, I felt a sharp pain on my right side when I raised my knees to get into land. My wife had to help me up as I really felt the pain, all the while still laughing at me. She only became serious when I had difficulty standing up as my hips kind of fell numb and all I felt was pins and needles on the area. We immediately went to the local emergency room to have me patched up and stuff.

The doctor said that I suffered a Grade 1 tear of my hip flexor muscle and that I would be wearing a sort of hip strap contraption for three weeks. I was also notified of several anterior hip precautions to heed or else take the chance of my hip popping out of its socket or something. After spraying the area with some kind of numbing medicine and given a prescription of medicines to buy, we were sent home.

I still didn’t hear the end of it up to this time as my wife always gives me the look and then smiles that particularly irritating smile of hers, the one she uses to always annoy me. Maybe after writing this I will go straight to sleep and maybe tomorrow she’ll forget about it. I wish.


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