History of Fishing


Fishing is one of the oldest sports or hobbies of humans, dating back to the Upper Paleolithic period, as was shown by drawings discovered by some scientists. When humans first discovered it, it was not for fun that they fish but to sustain their needs for food. In fact, fish became the main source of food for people during this early period. Their basic style in fishing was using a spear or harpoon where they would wait for the fish to come near them before spearing it.

When people adopted farming and turned to other food sources, a more modern method of fishing was also developed. The Egyptians used nets and boats to catch fish in the Nile River. However, there were already people during this time that used wooden hooks in fishing. It was not until around the 12th dynasty that metal hooks were first introduced.

For many centuries, the fishing rods that people used were short, probably not more than a few feet. The earliest reference of people using a longer jointed rod is during the Roman times at about the 4th century A.D. It was from an account by Aelian about the Macedonians who were catching trout using artificial flies. The rod they used was six feet in length and the line was of the same length. From this account, they may have used the dapping method where the bait is gently laid on the surface of the water.

Starting in the 14th century, there was already a gradual improvement in the equipment used for fishing. Although fishing was still primarily done for food, some people have already developed the fly-fishing method where they used rods from bamboo and hand-made fly reels.

In the US, it was the Native Americans who first used rods and lines to catch fish for food. It was not until 1496 when fishing as a leisure or hobby was first identified. During this time, there were already books about fishing, mostly written for gentlemen so that they could have fun while fishing.

The age of industrialization saw a great improvement in the fishing equipment used. Bait-casting reels and better line and rods with guides were already invented. But some of the biggest changes came out around WWII when reels and rods were mass-produced because of the big demand for them. The spin-casting reels as well as spinning reels were also introduced and became popular. As of this time, synthetic lines have also been gaining in popularity.

But even with the popularity of the different types of reels, these first reels were originally designed just for holding the line, while the line is being cast from the rod as fly equipment. It was in the 1830s when reels that were capable of casting a lure were first used.

At the end of WWII and until 1960s, there was a rapid improvement in the reels, rods and types of lines used for fishing. More and more people have engaged in fishing for sports or leisure. And we don’t have to use spears now or fish just for food. Thanks to modern equipment, fishing now is more enjoyable and fun.

Basic Tips for Freshwater Fishing

Fishing is a fun hobby or sport that requires timing, skill and knowledge. Depending on where you want to fish, your techniques will be different. Different fishing styles are required for fishing in brackish water, sea water and calm fresh water.

If you live inland, freshwater fishing may be the only option for you. Freshwater fishing is when you fish in a body of water with a salinity content of 0.05 percent or less. Your options include lakes, ponds, streams and rivers which could be either natural or man-made. The species of fish found in freshwater are different from those in saltwater, although there are species like the salmon that can survive in both. Unlike saltwater fishing which can only be done in seas and oceans, freshwater fishing can be done anywhere even when you are inland.

Regardless of what type of fish you wish to catch, there are freshwater fishing tips that can help you have an enjoyable and productive fishing trip:

  • Research about the freshwater where you will go fishing and know the types of fish that thrive in it.
  • If you are fishing in a lake or river, fish in an area where water turns deep from shallow. Most fishes like to gather here and look for food. If you are only fishing on the shore, fish in mossy areas because it is also where fishes forage for food.
  • Water temperature is an important consideration. Majority of fishes prefer a specific temperature and weather. If you like to catch a particular fish, research first when is the best time to go out fishing.
  • As much as possible, use a lure with matted metal. Reflection from shiny lures can cause confusion among most fishes.
  • While worms are popular baits, most of the larger fishes such as basses enjoy other live baits such as locusts, leeches and soft-shelled organisms.
  • Sunrise is a good time for fishing.
  • Be attentive to the movement of the line and know the difference between a fish that is really biting which you could reel in and one that is just curious.
  • Patience is something you should develop if you want to have a good catch. Remember that good things come to people who wait. So as you go fishing, bring along your radio for some entertainment while waiting.
  • Use a slip bobber that will allow you to set any depth without sacrificing the quality of casting.
  • Keep your hands clean when setting your equipment. Fishes have a good sense of smell; you could send them away if they smell any foreign scent on your lure or bait.

While fishing can be an enjoyable and relatively safe activity, there are safety precautions that you must always observe. First, don’t go fishing if you don’t have a fishing stamp or license because if you don’t, you could be troubled with a costly fine. When fishing on a boat, it is best to use a flotation device. Finally, don’t forget to apply sunscreen to avoid sunburn as water magnifies the reflection of the sun.

Under the Klieg Lights

Today was a very special day for me and my crew back at the Bait and Tackle shop where I work. The local TV station did a piece about the store in line with their ongoing promotion of local shops in our city. It was a little bit tedious and uncomfortable but I guess we’re local celebrities now.

Although they sent out word to us of their coming two weeks ago, nothing prepared us to what we had experienced. We thought that it would be just a simple thing with a cameraman holding a shoulder mounted piece and a reporter who do all the talking and interviewing, maybe a sound man holding that mike on a long stick, but never on the scale that we saw today.

You would have sworn that they were shooting a movie when you happen to see what was going on in the shop today. Lots of production people skittering this way and that, people who do make-up, hair stylists, PA’s, etc. Maybe there were about close to twenty people involved in the shoot and that’s not counting the drivers who stayed in their truck fiddling with their phones.

What happened to the old reporter and camera man on a van pairing they used to do back then? Now I think they can’t do anything without two tons of equipment in tow. I thought that technology made it possible to scale things down and not bring it to a much larger scale?

They have the shiny best travel tripod to mount their cameras on, I think it’s made of graphite or something and it sure looked special. Brand new chairs and tables, camera equipment that I think is capable of doing a full length film if they wanted to, the best lightweight luggage to pack things on and many other cool things. No expense was spared and everything was top of the line.

The whole thing did look a little bit intimidating to say the least but you know us, we’re never rattled by anything. Not unless you put make-up and lipstick on us, which apparently was standard operating procedure when facing a TV camera.

Everyone had their turn on the interview chair and everyone had to put make-up on, no exemptions. Even our boss who insisted mightily that he would be just fine without any make-up on had to have one. We laughed ourselves silly just by looking at each other.

I don’t know if it was the camera lights or something else that had us sweating heaps throughout the whole thing, most probably it was fear that induced it. I for one do not like being filmed but you got to do what you got to do, it’s really hard being an actor some day’s ha-ha.

Well we did live through it and we managed to finish everything we were supposed to do. It was for the greater good of everyone involved anyways so that’s that. We closed shop earlier than usual and it’s off to the nearest pub we went to celebrate our being movie stars.

Am I Getting Fat?

My wife keeps telling me I’m fat and everything, but the trouble with that is I don’t know if she’s really telling the truth or just joking, as she always had the habit of teasing me and stuff . It certainly makes me want to ask someone for a second opinion or something, as I myself don’t feel any fatter than I was last year, or for any other year for that matter.

I’m as sexy as sexy can be, I keep telling myself half-heartedly, though with some grain of truth into it, as sexiness I believe, is really just a state of mind of a person. And judging by the way I see myself deep inside, I’m the sexiest man alive so I don’t bother with anyone telling me otherwise. But it’s my wife we’re talking about here and I believe everything she says. Who else would I believe if not her?

So you can see where I’m at with regards to this little problem of mine, but I really don’t consider it as a problem, it’s just something that came up in the course of daily living. I don’t know, maybe I’m just bored to think anything about it as life in the shop has been fairly quiet this day with only a few customers coming by. Mike isn’t any help either as I can’t really talk to him even if he is just beside me, he is doing the taxes of the shop and I wouldn’t want to be a drag.

Maybe I should go into a diet of sorts and surprise my wife about it. Nah, she would eventually notice it as nothing really escapes her attention. It will only serve as additional fuel for her teasing me and I can imagine it clearly her teasing me with steaks and other foods that I particularly like, and then it would be hell on earth for me.

What would she say if she caught me eating low carb vegetables or fruits? It would also be really an obvious thing if I limit my eating in accordance to the 1000 calorie diet or other diet programs out there. South Beach, Atkins, Jenny Craig, Master Cleanse, Mediterranean, name it, she’ll know about it eventually as she really was also into them at one time or another. I can’t really hide it from her so I guess surprises are out of the equation.

What if I exercise my fats off and I’ll just make sure she’s not around when I do it, to save me from nasty comments and stuff. Nah, scratch that as I couldn’t really walk a mile if I wanted to, much less jog and do push-ups or whatever. So what am I really going to do?

I got it! My wife probably was only joking about me being fat and all. Maybe she was just being particularly mean about it to get me to do things and get back at me, silly her. That’s right, and I’m not really getting fat after all. I’ll just continue to believe that and I’ll be just alright. I’m sexy and I know it.

Cleaning Up Shop

Today was repair and renovation day at the shop and we were all busy doing something. The shop is fairly old by industry standards and it needs very careful sprucing up every once and a while if only to pass local laws. Not that any customers are complaining or something, as the shop really feels homey and such, but we got to do something or it falls on top of our heads.

Just kidding, the shop is structurally sound, all of it. Heck you can ram a truck on the side of it and it will be none the worse for wear. Old buildings it seems are built more sturdily than the new ones these days. Kind of like the way how old cars are when compared to new ones. They don’t build things like they used to nowadays.

It was easy working all around the shop as we did have the best yoga DVD playing on a portable player in the background. It has that soothing quality about it which makes me focus on whatever it is that I’m doing and make me oblivious to the time. I have got to get my hands on one of those sometime soon.

The other reason that we are renovating the insides of the Bait & Tackle is because our boss plans to bring his little one to the shop more frequently. He says that he loves to have the kid with him always and also so that his wife can do other things during the day.

We got to make sure there is nothing with which the kid could hurt himself onto, remove all items where he can trip on, and basically make the whole shop “kid friendly”, if you know what I mean. We also have to find room to put the kid’s best pack n play enclosure somewhere where it will not be a bother to customers. Probably behind the counter because there is a large vacant space there, and also because his dad is always usually there tending the cash register.

The air conditioning system has to be upgraded and all the electrical outlets must be covered thoroughly, all choking hazards eliminated and we also have to buy the best reverse osmosis system that we can find as we were told that the child has a fragile stomach which goes bad easily.

Reverse osmosis system over any other kind of filtration system because it is the best when it comes to cleaning the water that goes out of the tap. Our boss have done his research on it and found out that it offers the most purifying power available among many other items of that type.

Heck we could even drink river water once it pass through the system according to him, that’s how powerful it was and we believed him. He’s got the knack of thoroughly researching things on the internet before subscribing to it and it has been put to the test many times before, all passed with flying colors.

Well we finally managed to clean up shop to make it more kid friendly. Me and the boys are happily expecting the kid to be with us soon as it is always nice having a kid around. Another day at the shop concluded, mission accomplished.

The Cutest Dog

I could have sworn I saw a little dog here somewhere, I told my wife after I went to the kitchen to get some beer. I just got home from work and I’m all tired and stuff but I think I really did see something and I’m not imagining things. I was walking to the kitchen then out of the corner of my eye I saw what looked like a white fluffy pillow scurrying around the back of the sofa. I hurriedly went after it, but when I got to where it was supposed to be, it was gone.

I got goose bumps from that episode as I am not particularly excited seeing things disappear from my sight that sudden. I was waiting for an answer from my wife, assurance actually that there was no ghostly stuff happening or anything else supernatural, but what I got was only a sly grin, the kind of grin a child makes when he has done something silly. I should’ve known.

It did finally decide to come out, but this time from the kitchen where I was a moment ago. Apparently he was not hiding, instead was at my back following me all the time, just like what characters from a cartoon would do. I was just about to go ballistic with it but the dog kind of curled up on my feet and began to sleep. My heart melted.

It was actually the cutest puppy I ever managed to lay my eyes on and I wouldn’t do anything to wake it up. I removed my feet from my boots gently as the dog was resting on them, maybe he liked the smell of leather or something. I then went over to the sofa where my wife was, quietly sliding along the carpet making sure not to make any noise, and just smiled at her.

I knew you would love him, she said, and I began to ask everything about the dog like a child waking up on Christmas morning. Okay I was very excited about it, no use denying it. It doesn’t really matter if I am a hulk of a man as I do also have a sensitive side, and this dog kind of stirred it up a lot.

My wife said it was a Husky Pomeranian mix breed, aka Pomsky, and it was given to her by a neighbor who came by the house earlier. It was a small dog no much bigger than both my boots and has a very furry coat that is both white and gray in color. It has a somewhat squared little head with well-defined muzzle and its ears pointed up like a Doberman’s. The dog’s tail was curled upward then inward and has the cutest and fluffiest feet in the dog kingdom.

It looked very much like a little wolf that stopped growing up and my wife said that I could name it whatever I wanted. I almost forgot about the beer that was in my hand the whole time and it was like that the rest of the night. My wife just laughed at me but it was just fine.

Now Where Did That Come From?

I got quite the surprise this afternoon when I got home from work and it was a little bit disconcerting to say the least. It was a particularly tiring day at work as we did a general cleaning of sorts at the shop, so we decided amongst ourselves to turn in much earlier than usual for some much needed rest. I got home as fast as I could with the idea of getting into a nice warm bath with a cold one in hand, probably sleep a little in it too, but I never did manage to get to that unfortunately.

I was removing my overalls when I saw a blue and black patch on the middle of my right leg that I promise I never did saw this morning. It was a little bit too large for my liking, probably about the size of my foot to approximate it and was deep violet or black of color in the middle, I can’t see clearly as the colors seem to blend into one another, and with a much lighter shade blue on its edges.

I stared at it long enough that the water from the tub kind of overflowed, which thankfully brought me back to my senses and proceed to do the things I was ought to be doing. I turned off the faucet first then sat myself on the bed, thinking of how probably did I get this thing or what caused it in the first place.

unexplained bruisingI never did get into a fight or something, or get myself beaten with a club, or a stick, or what have you, I just can’t seem to figure out this unexplained bruising on my leg and it’s beginning to scare me a little as I know of several diseases that have it as a symptom. Thoughts of diabetes, Grave’s disease and leukemia ran through my mind along with various illnesses that makes these little blood vessels go somewhat crazy.

I very much hope that this was caused only by some kind of vitamin deficiency or something more benign like overexertion and stuff as I’m too young to be experiencing the more exotic ones. So I just did what I knew would be the right thing to do in these kinds of situations, I panicked and went immediately to my wife for some much needed advice.

She was preparing dinner when I got to her and she too was surprised at seeing the discoloration on my leg. She then asked me from where did I get the thing but I told her I didn’t know either. She immediately got some ice from the ref, placed them in a plastic bag and told me to put it on the bruise.

After a while the color subsided a little with some pink beginning to show on some places. I still don’t know what really caused it and that’s what scares me the most. Maybe I’ll go get myself checked tomorrow just to be sure.

Hedgehogs as Unlikely Pets

After a lazy afternoon of watching the Discovery channel’s Animal Planet, my wife, from out of nowhere, suddenly asked me if it was possible for us to have hedgehogs as pets. I first looked at her to see if she was awake and not dreaming and stuff as her question really was not ordinary. And upon seeing her perfectly lucid, I contemplated with my answer.

Do you want to have them honey was my answer to her. Really more like I passed the question back to her as I really do not know from where she was coming from, was that sort of a trick question for me or something? I thought we were getting that Bichon Poodle that we talked about last month honey, I added, half expecting her to remember and half expecting to hear a litany. But there was only silence.

Hedgehogs, for those of you who are not very familiar with them, like me a couple of hours ago, are small mammals the size of small kittens. They look very similar to small porcupines but the similarities end there as they are very much different in many ways.

One is the spikes on their bodies, with the porcupine ones being particularly hard and sometimes poisonous while the hedgehog quills are rather soft, pliable and somewhat hollow in the middle. With regards to their reactions to outside aggression, the porcupine releases their quills at their opponents leaving it stuck to whatever it is that aggravated them, while the hedgehog curls up into a ball, quill side up, and generally just hopes for the best.

Hedgehogs are nocturnal creatures preferring to do their foraging at night and lives on makeshift nests, small openings in the ground, or any place where it is dark and tucked away from view. They are omnivores and eat whatever it is that they encounter be it small animals, insects, plants and fruits that litter the jungle floor. They generally keep to themselves and prefer solitary living.

But come to think of it, they do not make good kinds of pets with their seeming aloofness to other living things. The program that we were watching also filmed some hedgehogs in captivity, particularly in zoos and others as pets. The pet ones seemed to be much irritated when they were being handled by people and just scurry to their holes when released. Some even hissed and grunted on contact which further solidifies their wildness and seemingly untamable qualities.

I think they are a better fit in the wild instead of in cages as pets. We have many animals available for us to use as pets so why bother them in the first place. I also think keeping them is illegal in some states and carry a prison term if you are found in possession of one.

Now my problem is to how am I going to say all of those things to my wife? Maybe it’s just a passing whim of hers and does not have any concreteness to it. Anyways she’s already sleeping soundly now. Maybe she was bored silly by watching those hedgehogs on TV, such boring animals if I ever did see one. Let’s just hope she totally forgets about them when she wakes up.

Old School Toothache Cure

I saw this whole pack of blue rubber bands at the shop while I was cleaning up the counter this afternoon. I think it was from the last customers, a father and his son that bought several fishing rods, which they said they were bringing with them on their camping trip. They seem pretty much hurried, like they were already late for something, so they may have forgotten all about it.

I tried to run after them but they were gone when I stepped out of the shop. Too bad as it really looked pretty much important judging from the expensive looking packaging it had. I just placed it in the cabinet as maybe they’ll come back for it later and continued on with my cleaning.

I think they were some kind of spacers for braces as I saw the kid had them on his teeth when he smiled. They are too little to be common rubber bands and too fat to be a gasket or something, so I assumed they were specialized kinds of things which eventually made them important and stuff.

Back in my days braces were not a thing yet and when you got crooked teeth, you lived with it. You toil through all the teasing from other kids as well as the physical inconvenience of having them, but it sort of gives you character. I should know as I do have the most crooked teeth in our family.

Yep, I do get teased a lot when I was a kid. I got called a lot of names but I managed to live through them as they are just words, I keep telling myself. Besides, the teasing go on only for a while as they eventually got tired of doing it, you wouldn’t tease a guy all year and the year after that do you? Certainly they got tired of it and all the bullies and I became the closest of friends.

I also remember the things we did whenever our tooth hurts and even if they look gross or something, they did work. We put lots of things in there just to get some tooth pain relief. Things like crushed garlic, cloves, salt, vanilla, and even perfume got good usage from us. The last one I particularly like as it is very effective on me and even puts me to sleep some of the time.

Today with all the innovations on everything, getting bracers really got easier and much cheaper. In fact today, one usually expects to get braces at one point in their lives, even if they don’t really need it, probably because of the push of mainstream media of being all perfect and stuff. It’s kind of hard for someone like me who is used to the simple things.

Anyways, if it works for the people of today, then who am I to judge them, heck I might even try some of them sometime. But if I ever get a toothache in the future and all else fails, there is always the trusty perfume to save the day.

A Day in the Shop

Things have gotten a little bit frisky at the shop these couple of days, frisky as in there was too much scratching going around with the boys and stuff. Me being generally in charge with everything there is to mind there, finally made up my mind that this thing has to stop, as it is beginning to get on everybody’s nerves. I’m talking about fleas, and judging from the weird looks I’ve been getting from both customers and crew alike, lots of them.

Let me give you a brief backgrounder about our little problem. Our bait shop is located on a somewhat grassy spot as the lot next to us had been vacant for several years now, and although we are in a commercial district, the back of our shop opens directly to a forest of trees. So in between the not so random stray dog, which always happen to wander around our shop probably because we keep on feeding the poor critters, and the squirrels, raccoons, and other warm blooded visitors in our area, fleas on humans certainly do tend to happen.

So I contacted pest control to help us with our problem and they did come the other day, much to the delight of everyone at the shop, me included. They brought with them several canisters of what looked like very potent pesticides and proceeded to place them on vantage positions around the shop. They were actually misters as they automatically sprayed a fine mist of chemical death around the open spaces in the shop, which also abruptly came down on everything inside the shop, covering everything with a fine coating of pesticide.

We were instructed to never enter the area for about a day as the chemicals were still active during that time and exposure to them was generally not advised. So ever the obedient people that we were, we packed up our things and decided to head to the nearest watering hole, which was unfortunately not too far enough from where we were.

I did not really want to drink that day as I wanted to come straight back home to my already big bellied wife, but these knuckleheads kept ogling me, as one of them had his birthday that day, so I decided as there really was still enough time left, to get one for the road or something like that. But one thing led to another and four hours, too much beer, and a little liver pain later, I found myself dragging my things to our front door.

Thankfully my wife was still sleeping at our room so I decided to sleep a bit on the sofa so that I’ll be a little sober once she wakes up, but it was really not to be. I woke up on the floor with my wife wiping my forehead with a warm cloth as I somehow never reached the sofa which was really my intended destination in the first place. My wife said I was groaning loudly in my sleep which eventually caused her to wake up, and she also said that I kept on saying “fleas” or something that sounded like that. I told her what had transpired that day and thankfully she did not get mad or anything, she only said she understands.

Tired, and Loving It

It’s always been on the back of my mind and I’ve been telling myself that there will be problems during my wife’s pregnancy. Maybe that’s why I am always vigilant about her condition all the time and worry about whatever it is that might harm her, or how probably are we going to face it amongst other things.

I’ve got a lot of things I worry about, and this being our first child, after so many years of waiting, doesn’t help. Sometimes I think it’s better if I was the one who’s pregnant and stuff, then I won’t have to worry too much. But I know all of this will be worth it, I’ll just have to hang in there a bit.

One such problem that comes the same time as summer does is my wife’s seeming predisposition with allergies. She sometimes breaks into hives and scratch all over with nary a cause behind it. Sometimes she gets watery red eyes and the sniffles after long periods outdoors, especially during spring when all sorts of flying pollen things abound. Sometimes she complains about the feeling of fluid in lungs and how hard it is to breathe. She said it’s like there’s strings of sticky liquid clinging to her throat every time she inhales deeply and no matter how hard she tries to cough it out, it somehow remains there.

But her allergies have decreased its occurrence these past two years when she began subscribing to the natural ways of fighting her asthma. Gone are the days when she is totally incapacitated for days at a time because of it. If and when she does have allergies now, it is less potent as it was back then when she could hardly talk or breathe. Now she is down for only a short time and she is none the worst for it.

It was suggested to her by a friend who also has asthma and we were pleasantly surprised that these home remedies for asthma really work, more about that can be found at www.commonbreathingproblems.com. It doesn’t need any mumbo jumbo routine or the consumption of unworldly concoctions for it to work as it only involved common household items you might generally use every day, as well as some basic things to do that may fall in the category of common sense.

Example food items that works well with asthma are ginger, mustard, figs, garlic, honey, onions, lemon and also coffee. So if you consume any of those regularly, chances are you are doing something good for yourself with regards to fighting asthma. You just have to mindedly eat more of the said items to increase your resistance to the sickness. Other things you might want to do to ward of asthma is to stop smoking if you are a smoker, stay clear of chemicals particularly the household cleaning ones, minimize occurrence of molds in the household, don’t overly fuss with your pet, cleaning the house regularly to protect against dust and mites, and last but not the least, do exercise often to harden your lungs and immune system.

But still I’m wary about asthma striking suddenly in such an inopportune time as this. I must continue to be always vigilant of it and other things that may happen as I’m charged with protecting the two lives that I dearly love most. Rest will come later.

My Own Pregnancy Announcement Idea

I have read about pregnancy announcement ideas on the net and how fun and exciting it was to spring such surprises to friends and family alike. Imagine getting the surprise of your life upon knowing your child is having a baby of her own, or your long-time friend who seems to hate everything that has got to do with boys now is here announcing her pregnancy. You really are taken aback by the suddenness of the moment and truly surprised of the news.

The joy on the recipient’s faces usually is indescribable, especially to the parents of the ones who were experiencing their first pregnancies. I could only imagine the thoughts of the parents who remember them as their little girl of long ago, the one who seems to always cry a lot and go to them for everything, but now here she was, having a little one of her own. Maybe their pain of remembering such things add to the gravity of the moment and it is not only once that I saw tears flowing as they smile. It must’ve been truly memorable.

I wish we had done it too if not for my eagerness to tell the world that I was soon going to be a dad. My wife and I never really thought about it and were surprised about it too, never expecting that this was the time we finally have our own child. What I did when I knew it was true was I literally ran out of the house and tell everyone I saw about the good news. I called virtually all my friends and of course, all the family I could get my hands on. You could say almost everyone knew about it a couple of hours after I did, and if there was some way to announce it to the whole state, I probably would have done it too. That’s how happy I was back then. Pregnancy announcement never had a chance to develop because of me as I became my own pregnancy announcement.

Looking back, I probably would have done things a little bit differently. I would have liked to see the reactions we get when we tell them the happy news, particularly to my wife’s parents who were beginning to wonder if we are ever going to give them their first grandchild as my wife was their only child, talk about pressure.

I had a blast that day and it continued throughout that whole week. Heck, I even bought drinks to a bar full of strangers the time me and my friends went out. They told me I was speaking to almost every one I meet and telling them that I was going to be a dad. Everyone there congratulated me and it was also the first time that my friends had to carry me home.

I woke up the next day with terrible hiccups, the ones like the newborn hiccups toddlers experience when they had too much to eat or have swallowed too much air than their stomachs can handle. It was like that, probably worse, and it took an exhilarating bath of cold water to get rid of. Well, it was kind of worth it as it was the first time I get to celebrate like that. It was the sweetest thing.

Power Napping at the Clinic

I had been sleeping at the doctor’s office this afternoon as it was a pretty silent and cool place to be in. With particularly no one else around to have a conversation with and my wife is in the doctor’s office getting checked up, I busied myself reading a magazine that was available on the coffee table in the waiting room. And after swiftly finishing with the magazine, probably because it was a fashion magazine and a particularly woman’s magazine at that, something colorful caught my eye.

It was several sheets of coloring pages that were stapled to each other, forming a sort of coloring book, which was probably left by some child that also had been there at the clinic. It’s a gynecologic clinic so chances are high that the child was with someone else, probably his mother or some relative, and was not the one who is being treated. Or maybe it was a mother who was actually coloring these things, probably as a form of stress reliever, which I thought was not really that far-fetched as I myself grew interested in them.

My Little Pony coloring pages, Skylanders coloring pages, Winnie the Pooh coloring pages and other equally cute character pages neatly stacked and stapled together. Some of them beautifully colored and some of them still empty, with nary a touch of hue found in them. I was thinking that if I could only get my hands on some crayons at that particular moment, then I would gladly finish them all.

I remember back when I was young and my mother would buy me several coloring books and also some crayons to keep me busy, especially during the summertime when there was really nothing particular to do. Ipads, computers, gadgets and gizmos were not a thing then as it is now, and we were contented with the simple things in life, heck I even played with dirt when I was young, and I got the worms to prove it.

Seeing the coloring pages made my mind wander off a bit. I was thinking of the place where the ponies live, how very colorful that place would seem to be. I thought of what color the sky and the rivers would be in that particular wonderland and if the ponies could really fly there. I imagine Winnie the Pooh visiting the ponies and having a great time, sliding through the rainbow and swimming in chocolate streams. That, unfortunately, was also the time I fell asleep.

Next thing I know, my wife was gently nudging me and telling me it was time to go. I was really embarrassed seeing my wife and the nurse, who was seeing her out, both had smiles on their faces. I only hoped I was not snoring the whole time as I am always wont to do. I grabbed my hanky and gently wiped across my face just to be sure nothing dripped or is amiss. It was a nice nap that I had and would not mind doing it again. But next time I’m bringing crayons just in case. Just kidding.

Interesting Facts about Breastfeeding

Expect your period while breastfeeding to not start yet as the hormones that is responsible for the production of your breast milk also acts to inhibit the release of procreation hormones, which in turn are generally responsible for your menstrual cycle to appear every month. What? I kind of got lost starting on the word period on the first sentence. I just read the darn thing from an article on the internet with regards to pregnancy stuff and I think I might have overdone it a little.

I was really researching about the “before and during” parts of pregnancy but somehow I ended up with the “after” part. Reading articles on the internet could be an endless and very time consuming thing if you keep clicking on things closely related to the ones you were originally searching for, and I realized that the hard way. I have already spent a great amount of time searching about water retention on the legs of a pregnant woman, two hours to be exact, and this is where I eventually ended up in. It’s crazy.

Another item that also caught my attention was about the different kinds of foods to avoid while breastfeeding and sure enough, I clicked on it. It enumerated several food items that are generally not recommended to be consumed by a breastfeeding mother because of the harm that it may eventually bring to the baby. Common items such as caffeine, alcoholic beverages, garlic, peanuts, dairy, sea-foods and also some other particularly gassy and  were mentioned, as being able to hitch a ride in the breast milk and eventually cause undue harm to the still immature bodily defenses of the baby. And depending on the culprit, the baby’s typical reaction to these irritants could be either of the following things; fussiness, loss of sleep, allergies, rashes and hives, excessive crying, diaper rash, flatulence, abnormal weight gain, as well as sleepiness and even eczema in some cases.

I must confess that I never knew of these things until now, and it was both a good thing as well as a bad thing, in that I have learned a great deal about pregnancies in general during my search, but sadly no word yet about water retention, which, as I had told you earlier, was the reason I was surfing the internet in the first place. I must somehow get my priorities straight regarding the matter, and not get easily distracted by things as I am wont to do, because I really need to know what causes the thing.

So I best go back to searching now as my wife is going to wake up really soon. She has acquired the habit of sleeping and relieving herself quite frequently now, probably brought about by her being obviously pregnant and stuff, and I think her bathroom time is already due any minute now. She’ll probably ask me about the problem with her legs and about what did I found about it on the net, which I’m afraid, stands at zero at the moment. Then I’ll be in real trouble if I don’t tell her anything about it.

So, where was I?

An Unfortunate Accident

Hip flexor pain is a kind of pain you don’t really know ever existed or cared about for that matter, that is, not until it is actually happening to you and you are feeling all its generally-no-moving-allowed glory. Yep, that’s me right there. I am under its spell right now and am taking the full brunt of my swash buckling ways. It’s kind of a long story mate, but if you’ll stick around for a while, maybe you’ll get some valuable lessons in here somewhere, Aar!

It happened during one of my voyages of days long gone, roughly translated, yesterday. I was kind of enjoying myself swimming on the lake with my wife and it was a beautiful day, typically cloudy but nonetheless a very bright day. A good day for swimming, if you don’t mind me saying, as there was really no overbearing sun with which to fry your skin with, and there were only eight of us on that picnic, me, my wife, and my sometimes dear friend, the six-pack.

Almost through with my cache of inebriating concoctions, I decided to do one jump on the ramp that would be my sort of tribute to all the fishes that unfortunately inhabit the lake. Taking several steps back from beyond the ramp to ensure maximum splash and travel distance was achieved, I readied myself for the jump.

I ran as fast as I could towards the end of the ramp, always keeping in mind the edge of it and the exact place I would do my jump on, and I did ran fast that moment according to my wife. But almost nearing the edge of the ramp, I somehow manage to slip on a wet spot, and with one of my feet up in the air, I hit the deck squarely on my right hip. My eventual momentum carried me forward and into the lake with nary a splash to be reckoned with, and my wife told me later that I looked as if I was kind of inserted into the lake in a funny manner. In fact she was still laughing when I did manage to stand up, much to my eternal embarrassment.

When we got out of the water, I felt a sharp pain on my right side when I raised my knees to get into land. My wife had to help me up as I really felt the pain, all the while still laughing at me. She only became serious when I had difficulty standing up as my hips kind of fell numb and all I felt was pins and needles on the area. We immediately went to the local emergency room to have me patched up and stuff.

The doctor said that I suffered a Grade 1 tear of my hip flexor muscle and that I would be wearing a sort of hip strap contraption for three weeks. I was also notified of several anterior hip precautions to heed or else take the chance of my hip popping out of its socket or something. After spraying the area with some kind of numbing medicine and given a prescription of medicines to buy, we were sent home.

I still didn’t hear the end of it up to this time as my wife always gives me the look and then smiles that particularly irritating smile of hers, the one she uses to always annoy me. Maybe after writing this I will go straight to sleep and maybe tomorrow she’ll forget about it. I wish.


Fishing Trip Cancelled Due to Bad Stomach

Me and my close buds were supposed to go on a fishing trip last weekend as it was generally our routine when all of us have free time from work. You might call it a tradition among us friends as it has been going on for about four years now and all it takes is a call from any one of us to get us all going, work or not. But apparently it was not to be last weekend as one of our gang had to beg off from our expedition at the last minute because of some problems at home which really needed his undivided and focused attention.

He said that his soon to be expecting wife had a mild case of loose bowels and really did not want to be left alone with just their four year old kid as companion, whose tummy was also acting up a bit because of toddler constipation, probably because of eating too much I suppose. He said that he really wanted to go and had been looking forward to our next trip, as the last time we got together he was kind of jinxed and got no fish at all for his efforts.

Diarrhea during pregnancy is no laughing matter really, as it is not only one life that is being affected by the illness, but in reality two. It is a very fragile stage for the baby that is still inside the mother’s womb as it has no way of really fending for itself, that whatever happens to the mother, will happen also to him with certainty. Diarrhea, although a very common disease, has very serious repercussions if it is not dealt with properly. Foremost of which is the ever present threat of dehydration, mainly because of the great amount of fluids that is lost when one is with diarrhea.

Classic signs of dehydration within a person suffering it include the feeling of light headedness, general fatigue, unquenchable thirst, nausea, splitting headaches, and also of infrequent urination, with the urine generally being dark in color because of the relatively low quantity of water in the person’s body. It is imperative to treat dehydration quickly, mainly by rehydrating in a timely matter or even the taking of rehydration salts and other drinks specifically formulated to combat dehydration, or else the body will start shutting itself down due to lack of water, which may also lead to a person being in a coma and may even lead to death in some cases.

So being the great friends that we really are, we decided to let him off the hook this time, but not without ribbing him a little about being a scaredy-cat and such, which was eventually responded to by the threat of getting us the next time we meet and then hanged up on us, with his wife calling for him audibly in the background. Gone fishing eventually became gone home, as all of us decided to head our own ways. See you next time buds.